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Steroid Encyclopaedia provides you with all the information on anabolic steroids you need. Here you will find genuine, accurate, highly detailed, no-hype, anabolic steroid information (including RELIABLE supplier details) - so that you can get the results you want, faster and without having to waste your money, risk your health or get into unnecessary legal and health problems.

"This site is incredible. I joined to get the steroid supplier info and must admit I never really thought there would be any. A few weeks later I had the gear I ordered and was using it - unbelieveable.

I even did all my emails with the suppliers safely using your free encrypted email system, again unbelievable.  I have asked 14 questions about my diet, cycle and training to your people, and had each one answered.

And I gained 20 lbs of muscle with hardly any fat in 4 months with my first and only cycle to date. Once again guys - absolutely f****** unbelievable. Thanks, thanks thanks !!!! " 

- Scott,

Here's exact details of what you get in Steroid Encyclopaedia, and why MuscleMag and our members give us a maximum rating

Tried and Tested Anabolic Steroid Supplier Details

Don't get ripped off buying steroids, use the VERY BEST supplier section available anywhere today. Our members maintain a continual and unique "Quality Control" system, so you don't have to take chances on an unproven supplier. Also learn about the full customs implications before you buy. Read the members experiences and comments about each supplier and about their experience of ordering steroids online. Here's what you get in the supplier section:-

  • Their secure and private email details

  • A link directly to the suppliers web site 

  • The Steroid Encyclopaedia comments on each supplier 

  • A totally unique ranking system

  • Read the comments of other members who have used the suppliers

This section alone can save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Do you know that there are nowadays literally hundreds of sites selling steroids over the Internet - and most of them are just waiting to rip you off. Before you even think about buying steroids online you MUST read this. There is NO better supplier information available ANYWHERE.

Secure Encrypted Email Communication With Top Steroid Suppliers & Other Members

Now you can communicate securely using our very own 128 bit end-to-end secure email system - Squatmail. This is powered by Hushmail. All emails are encrypted using OpenPGP standard algorithms. There is no safer way to ensure that your communication with the steroid suppliers and any other Steroid-Encyclopaedia member is safe and private. Why take chances on other sites when you can use world class encrypted emails to protect your privacy with us  

Member's board - The Ultimate Resource

Gives access to some of the webs most knowledgeable steroid minds, 24/7 availability to the best steroid questions and answers. This is literally hands-on coaching, exactly what you need when you are thinking to use steroids - an environment of support and a place to get all the answers to all the questions that you can't ask anywhere else. We are very proud to say we have the best board moderators out there.

An Exhaustive Database of Drugs With Individual Steroid Profiles

Complete with photos so that you can investigate and authenticate any steroids and identify counterfeits immediately. All easily found using our unique search engine, this is probably the largest and most comprehensive anabolic steroid database available anywhere. Highly detailed, and accurate profiles of each drug. Learn what each steroid does, its background, how to stack it and how to make sure you get the maximum gains by using it, how it works, side effects, dosages, advantages and disadvantages and much more. There are almost 400 drug photos, (as far as we know this is the biggest collection on the Internet), and we are continually adding to it.

Learn Exactly How to Use Steroids

Don't take chances with your health and don't waste your money - learn exactly how to safely use steroids, avoid unnecessary side effects, maximize their potential and keep the gains. You can't expect to get maximum benefits without having maximum knowledge. Learn all you need to know to make the very best steroid decisions.

Members Personal Support and Q&A Section

Although our members board answers almost every question you can throw at us. We also offer you a complete members support area, so that you are left with no unanswered questions, and no doubts.

Learn How to Make Cycles and Stacks

By using what is known to work you can achieve your physical goals faster without making the typical expensive steroid mistakes. See our comprehensive list of example cycles. It's no use buying and using steroids if you don't know how to stack them correctly, what dosages to take, and the details of preparing your cycles. 

Learn How to Look Great - All Year Round

Our A-Z on nutrition shows you how to grow with minimum fat gains, how to diet to get that hard ripped body, and how to maintain a lean, muscled look twelve months a year. Lets face it, there's no point in gaining muscle to have it covered by a thick layer of fat 10 months of the year. 

Bodybuilding Basics

The golden rules of muscle gain, the importance of rest, nutrition, training cycles, water intake, body chemistry, etc. You cannot achieve your physical goals without knowing the basics. 

Access Our Unique Special Information

Not available to the public, i.e. detailed injection techniques, how to use growth hormone, how to use insulin, how to combine growth hormone and insulin for the ultimate mass cycle, how to use DNP for fat burning and other controversial articles not suitable for general viewing. Not all information should be put in the hands of the general public, or even most bodybuilding beginners. Some information here needs to be treated with respect due to its very controversial nature. 

Read Steroid Articles and Interviews

Learn what to do if you get bust. Read an interview with a pro, and other steroid users and more... As well as articles from world recognized steroid experts like Bill Llewellyn and Mick Hart

Steroid Dangers and Alternatives

Learn about the hazards and potential dangers of steroid use. Make sure that you know exactly what you are doing before you even consider taking steroids. Read our articles about the possibilities of steroid free bodybuilding. Maybe you will even decide - like many other people do - that you would be better off not using steroids.

A Monthly Ezine

Sent directly to your in-box, a summary all of the latest updates, changes and additions made to our site, so that you never miss ANY important steroid news. With most sites you never know about the new information they have added (if there is any) - we send it to you in our ezine. We receive literally hundreds of emails from ezine subscribers telling us how they look forward to receiving their ezine. 

Links to the Best of the Rest

Stop wasting time you could be spending in the gym by searching the web for more steroid information. If a site is worth listing we have a link to it. It seems that recently everyone seems to be setting up steroid information sites. Most of them simply copy information from the sites like ours and then try to sell you supplements and outdated supplier lists. If we provide a link to it, you be guarantee that it is a genuine site. 

A Commitment From Everyone Here at Steroid Encyclopaedia

To continue to provide "Outstanding, Informative, Educational and Unbiased" steroid information to our members. We simply have one very strong commitment - To provide YOU with ALL the information, then you make YOUR decisions about steroid use. 

Instant Access

You can have access to all the above INSTANTLY. No lengthy wait for confirmation emails or passwords sent separately which takes some sites more than one week to organize, with Steroid Encyclopaedia you can join now and have all your questions answered immediately. No other site on the Internet provides so much genuine, high quality, unbiased anabolic steroid information, and it's not just us that say it - MuscleMag International and our members agree.


"I got the answers I needed on training, steroids, nutrition, supplements, and healthy living overall. I finally did my first cycle with no side effects whatsoever and am on my way to achieving the look I want.

There is no way I could have done this without your help and the help of your experts. I learn something new everyday on your site and have used that knowledge to help others at my gym on the safe and proper use of anabolics..." 

- Trinity,

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