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Kynoselen -
Posted on Thursday, September 20 @ 10:53:14 EDT
I was wondering if the vet drug kynoselen works well or is it just another supplement. What would the injectable dose be and how often would you do it? Please help as I'm looking for something to use on my off cycle.

Kynoselen is a veterinary drug from France. The drug itself is reportedly prescribed to animals that suffer from wasting disorders, its use to increase lean body weight and combat catabolism. 

The actual ingredients of this product are potassium, magnesium, selenium, adenosine monophosphate and vitamin B-12. Basically it is a vitamin and mineral supplement with added adenosine monophosphate (AMP). AMP is purported to increase cellular activity, which is one possible explanation for the anabolic effect of this drug. 

Some have also observed the added benefit of enhanced fat loss with Kynoselen, which may also tie into AMP's reported stimulation of cellular activity. 

Some supplement companies sell products with a similar name, and call it Kynoselen. Stay away from these products, cause they're not worth the bottle they come in. Also avoid all oral versions of Kynoselen advertised by these companies. You can buy (as far as I know) real Kynoselen from (link available only to Steroid Encyclopaedia Members)

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