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Please understand, we are not here to judge you, one way or the other regarding steroid use, nor BS you into buying supplements (we don't do that), nor trick you into getting lame, worthless info...

...Nope, not here. We're bodybuilders, just like you, not supplement sellers, and we want to see you get strong, get BIG, without hurting yourself...

If you intend on using anabolic steroids, or are already using them, then don't mess around with your freedom, health, money, and time... because you risk wasting away a ton of it.

Get unbiased, truthful info now... here's a safe haven where you can finally get ALL of your steroid, bodybuilding, or strength performance questions answered... I mean ALL OF THEM.

Steroids require respect, because they are very powerful and they can harm just as fast as they can help. A lot of self-made "experts" hurt themselves and others... and families suffer. This isn't cool.

How do "experts" blow it with steroids? It's simple... because the "expert" didn't bother getting educated, or he or she followed really bad advice. Not everybody has the same body constitution, metabolism, etc... and the dangers can be pretty darn sneaky...

It's not enough to say to your work-out buddy, who used bad gear, or bad stacking, or bad whatever... who now has a severe crater face, or growing girly sweater melons, or a dead trouser weasel... "uh, sorry dude, they worked for me without side-effects..."

Great way to treat a "friend"...

After 8 years of running the net's largest steroid resource site and forum, with nearly 23,000 members, and over 459,000 forum posts, we have seen everything under the sun. Believe me, you NEVER want to improvise with steroids!

You need the best education this world can offer you.

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I don't say the above lightly, and we can help you to protect yourself if you want or need to get a hold of anabolic steroid information that is based on unbiased truth.

Beware the greed-monger who tries to sell you supplements! Continue reading this page, and you will find honest help:

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17 Most Deadly Mistakes Even Expert
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April 2005,

Dear Aspiring Muscle-Titan,

If you are thinking about using anabolic steroids and would like to have full access to every imaginable and unimaginable secret of the anabolic steroids underground black market... to help you achieve your muscle goals as safely and fast as possible... then this could be the most incredible (but true !) message you will ever read.

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You see, before I tell you how to access this gold-mine of unbiased anabolic steroid info, with absolutely no risk to yourself (and no, we are NOT trying to sell you supplements!), let me tell you how to protect yourself, just in case you decide to look elsewhere for safe steroid information.

Within this letter is a FREE REPORT -- 13 Point "Fraud Finder" Checklist To Fully Expose The SCAMS Or Dangerous Anabolic Steroid Information Sources Online. Just keep reading, you will see it in about 2 minutes.

It is critical that you have this information for your own good.

The anabolic steroids black market is dangerous... very dangerous... and your health and freedom depends on quality info that you can trust. Please don't improvise or approach this black market without seasoned, unbiased, and professional guidance. It could easily become a tragic mistake.

Take a look at what happened to this guy when he used bad "gear" and followed really bad advice (we have tons more stories like this from among our nearly 11,000 Members - before they found us)...

Nasty and painful "growth" forms under left tricep after taking fake gear.
Result after lancing this "growth"... the unbandaged picture is a gory mess.

You have to learn how to protect yourself! You can ruin your health, go to jail, receive massive fines, blow your cash on scams, even kill yourself if you act on even one piece of BOGUS info!

But who the hell do you trust? You gonna ask a pusher for advice? How about the government? Maybe your doctor?

The truth of the matter is it's damn tough to find trustworthy, unbiased steroid use info online or anywhere. There are almost always hidden motives behind someone's "advice"... (like your cash... even sting operations!).

Or... perhaps worse, the advice giver is actually clueless and inexperienced, but they think they know. Yeah... great... just stamp "lab rat" on my forehead!

It's even tougher to know for certain who are the legitimate suppliers that sell quality gear at honest prices. It seems like everyone and their 3 legged dog wants a piece of this "wild west" black market action.

Steroid "info" sites, so-called experts, and dirty underground labs are popping up like poisonous mushrooms in this multi-million dollar underground market, and a lot of people are getting hurt... bad!

Without a totally trusted expert guide, would you eat a wild mushroom if you knew that 9 out of 10 were poisonous? I don't think so. But that's exactly what so many are doing in the steroids underworld! It's f**king stupid when the "poisonous fungi" are easily identified and discarded! (sorry about the language - I just hate seeing people get hurt unnecessarily).

Moral objections and political hypocrisy BS aside, nobody is helped by keeping the unbiased truth, of how to order and use anabolic steroids as safely as possible, to fester in the dark.

Thanks To The "Steroid Taboo"...

The anabolic steroid underworld is full to the brim (and growing) with snakey, cold-blooded fraudsters who don't give a flyin' bat's ass about your well being, or if you get busted... they just want your cash!

Think about it... if you get scammed, there's no friggin' way you can track the scammers down once they rip you off. What are you going to do? It's easier for many of them to rip you off than give you the goods.

You gonna go to the cops and say that your steroids order, that cost you $500 or more, was only a vial of olive oil? (This happens all the time!)...

Or worse, tell the cops or your doctor that your bogus gear sent you straight to the hospital emergency room because you took some rogue-lab "wonder drug" (you wonder what the hell it was) that royally f**ked up your body's metabolism?

No, you won't. It doesn't matter how big and bad you are, you have to get a rock-solid education on how to recognize these shitheads before they snake your money or screw up your body chemistry! And more importantly, you have to know the safe sources...

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For over 6 years, there is an anabolic steroid information site in existence, created and maintained by a hard core group of Pro body builders and experienced trainers, who are not trying to sell you supplements, nor convince anyone to use steroids.

In fact, now there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of bodybuilding experts, trainers, even pro athletes all contributing to this gold mine of unbiased and solid steroid information site.

They simply want you to have the unbiased truth on how to order and use steroids safely, as they know full well, this will save lives!

They are now the most respected, and definitive source of info on anabolic steroid purchasing and use within the international body building community, among pro athletes, trainers, top models, superstar actors and actresses, even among doctors, lawyers, and cops!

Yeah, I know... any fool can say this (and most do!), but I know you're not an idiot, so I'll back up my statements with solid, unequivocal proof below.

You can have very private, even securely encrypted access (no prying eyes!) to everything you ever wanted to know about steroids (A-Z... over 35,000 questions answered and growing!), with the sole purpose of helping you to have unbiased, non-moralistic, non-hyped safe info. It's called...

Steroid Encyclopaedia (SE)...

Trusted Supplier Info
Safe, Secure Encrypted Email
Private Member's Board
Extensive Drug Database
Steroid Cycles, Stacks etc.
Members Personal Support
Drug Pics, Profiles & more...

"The definitive guide to anabolic steroids"

16 Reasons Why Steroids Encyclopaedia Already Helps
Thousands To Become Hulking, Ripped, "Alpha Beasts"
Of Head-Turning Muscle Mass... Safely

1. The World's Safest List Of Quality Anabolic Steroid Suppliers! Proven, Tried, and Tested "Insider's Short List"...

Our over 23,000 members maintain a continual and unique "Quality Control" system, so you don't have to take chances on an unproven supplier, or have to worry about "vested interests" jading opinions.

We don't sell steroids, we just talk about the best way to buy them, so you get what you paid for.

Never again get ripped off buying steroids, use the VERY BEST supplier section available anywhere in the world today. Also learn about the full customs implications before you buy.

Read the members experiences and comments about each supplier and about their experience of ordering steroids online.

Here's what you get in the supplier section:

  • Carefully guarded, secure, and private suppliers email details

  • A link directly to each suppliers web site (and instructions on how to go there anonymously)

  • The Steroid Encyclopaedia no B.S. comments on each supplier... we don't earn a penny from these guys, so we slam and praise based on reality - not economic interest!

  • A totally unique ranking system

  • Unbiased, and unedited comments and experiences of other members who have used the suppliers.

  • Plus much, much more!

This section alone can save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Before you even think about buying steroids online, you MUST read this. There is NO better supplier information available ANYWHERE.

2. Secret And Essential Key To Protecting Your Privacy And How To Beat The FBI's Brand New And Controversial Online Spy System...

Secure Encrypted Email Communication With Top Steroid Suppliers & Other Members

No other steroid site on the planet offers this service.

Now you can communicate securely using our very own 128 bit end-to-end secure email system - Squatmail. Anytime you send email between any other encrypted squatmail user or indeed any hushmail user no-one can read it not even the FBI's controversial system.

This is powered by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which will encrypt all data between our server and the members computer. All emails are encrypted using OpenPGP standard algorithms.

There is no safer way to ensure that your communication with the steroid suppliers and any other Steroid-Encyclopaedia member is safe and private. Why take chances on other sites when you can use world class encrypted emails to protect your privacy with us.

3. Massive Member's Board - Like Having Hundreds Of World Class Steroid Experts Ready To Guide You Personally... 24/7

Get access to some of the world's most knowledgeable steroid minds, 24/7, and see literally tens of thousands of steroid questions and answers... the topics covered goes beyond imagination.

Over 22,110 members... many are pro body builders, pro athletes, trainers, actors, actresses, models, doctors, even cops... and that's just the beginning!

There are currently 35,283 threads, with 451,651 posts... like I said - the steroid topics go beyond the capacity to imagine...

This is literally hands-on coaching, exactly what you need when you are thinking to use steroids - an environment of support and a place to get all the answers to all the questions that you can't ask anywhere else. We are very proud to say we have the best board moderators out there.

4. Spot Counterfeits Instantly Like A Pro With A Massive Database of Drugs And Individual Steroid Profiles

Complete with photos so that you can investigate and authenticate any steroids and identify fakes immediately.

All easily found using our unique search engine, this is probably the largest and most comprehensive anabolic steroid database available anywhere.

In fact, even the authors of The Anabolic Steroid Bible (the largest book offline regarding steroid info) pulled their photos of steroids from our database.

Highly detailed, and accurate profiles of each drug.

  • Learn what each steroid does,
  • Its background
  • How to stack it
  • How to get the maximum gains by using it
  • How it works
  • Side effects
  • Dosages
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • and much more...

There are almost 400 drug photos, (as far as we know this is the biggest collection on the Internet), and we are continually adding to it.

5. Insider "Juicer" Secrets... Know Exactly How To Use Less Steroids... With More Muscle Bang... Safer!

Don't take chances with your health and don't waste your money on oversized doses!

The vast majority of inexperienced steroid users totally blow it with doses, and take WAY TOO MUCH with less effect! This usually happens because of really bad advice... leading to increased health risks, and wasted cash.

  • Avoid unnecessary and often terrible side effects
  • Maximize your muscle potential and keep the gains with less drugs

You can't expect to get maximum benefits without having maximum knowledge. Learn all you need to know to make the very best steroid decisions for your specific body constitution.

6. Members Personal Behind The Scenes, Top Secret, One-On-One Support, And Q&A Section

Although our members board answers almost every question you can throw at us. We also offer you a complete, private one-on-one members support area, so that you are left with no unanswered questions, and no doubts.

  • Ask any question to our highly experienced staff
  • 100% private and anonymous, encrypted security

7. Get Big, Not Sick!... How To Prepare Cycles And Stacks That Reduce Side Effects, And Produce More Muscle

Use already proven stacks and cycles to achieve your physical goals faster without making the typical expensive steroid mistakes.

See our comprehensive list of example cycles. It's no use buying and using steroids if you don't know...

  • How to stack them correctly,
  • What dosages to take,
  • Details of preparing your cycles,
  • How to come off your cycles
  • Plus much more...

8. Learn How To Keep Your Body Lean, Hard, And Ripped... A Sexy Thing... All Year Round

Our A-Z on nutrition shows you how to grow muscle mass with minimum fat gains, how to diet to get that hard ripped body, and how to maintain a lean, muscled look twelve months a year.

Lets face it, there's no point in gaining muscle to have it covered by a thick layer of fat 10 months of the year.

Nutrition is one of the secret keys that can make or break your efforts to obtaining the body you desire.

Don't underestimate the importance of your diet!

9. Bodybuilding Basics: Grow Muscle Mass From Day One

    • The golden rules of muscle gain,
    • The importance of rest,
    • The critical importance of nutrition,
    • Optimum training cycles,
    • Necessary water intake,
    • Basics of essential body chemistry,
    • Plus more

You cannot achieve your physical goals without knowing the basics of bodybuilding.

10. Get A Glimpse Of Our Controversial Information For "Hard-Core Eyes Only"...

Not available to the general public...

    • Detailed injection techniques,
    • How to use growth hormone,
    • How to use insulin,
    • How to combine growth hormone and insulin for the ultimate mass cycle,
    • How to use DNP for fat burning
    • More controversial articles not suitable for general viewing.

Not all information should be put in the hands of the general public, or even most bodybuilding beginners. Some information here needs to be treated with respect due to its very controversial nature.

11. Read Underground Steroid Articles And Interviews Like... "What To Do If You Get Busted"

Read an interview with a pro, and other steroid users and more... As well as articles from world recognized steroid experts like Bill Llewellyn and Mick Hart.

12. Real Steroid Dangers and Alternative Solutions

Learn about the hazards and potential dangers of steroid use.

Make sure that you know exactly what you are doing before you even consider taking steroids.

Read our articles about the possibilities of steroid free bodybuilding. Maybe you will even decide - like many other people do - that you would be better off not using steroids.

13. Stay On Top Of Hard To Find Steroid News...
Without Even Trying... A Monthly Ezine

Sent directly to your in-box, a summary all of the latest updates, changes and additions made to our site, so that you never miss ANY important steroid news.

With most sites you never know about the new information they have added (if there is any) - we send it to you in our ezine. We receive literally hundreds of emails from ezine subscribers telling us how they look forward to receiving their ezine.

14. Links To The Best Steroid Info Available

Stop wasting time you could be spending in the gym by searching the web for more steroid information.

If a site is worth listing we have a link to it. It seems that recently everyone seems to be setting up steroid information sites. Most of them simply copy information from the sites like ours and then try to sell you supplements and outdated supplier lists. If we provide a link to it, you are guaranteed that it is a genuine site.

15. A "No BS - No Sell-Out" Total Commitment From Everyone Here At Steroid Encyclopaedia

We strive to continue to provide "Outstanding, Informative, Educational and Unbiased" steroid information to our members.

We simply have one very strong commitment -

To provide YOU with ALL the information, then you make YOUR decisions about steroid use.

16. Instant Access In Less Than 5 Minutes To All The Above Info And Way More!

You can have access to all the above INSTANTLY.

No lengthy wait for confirmation emails or passwords sent separately which takes some sites more than one week to organize.

With Steroid Encyclopaedia you can and have all your questions answered immediately . No other site on the Internet provides so much genuine, high quality, unbiased anabolic steroid information, and it's not just us that say it.

"Hulking" Success Story From A "Normal Guy" Member
Who Remembers Being Skinny A Few Months Ago...

Unsolicited Email From a Member:

"I felt I just had to write to thank you guys for the great work you are doing and tell you just how the last year has changed my body completely. Take a look at the pics below. I am not a body builder, simply a regular guy, who has always been fairly active, but quite skinny. Before I started in the gym I weighed about 125 lbs, (I'm 5'4” tall).

I spent the first two years totally steroid free, and decided to try some steroids in my 3rd year – as I was frustrated at the lack of gains.

I had ZERO knowledge - looked all over the Internet and joined your site. I must have read everything. I made a plan for two cycles and eventually ordered from your highest recommended supplier.

The difference in that 3rd year was awesome (for me anyway)

Both my cycles have been with very moderate dosages, and I decided to get regular blood check etc. at a local sports clinic (the doctor works out in my gym – and is the only other person besides my girlfriend who knows I took steroids.)

This summer I finished my second cycle. And I cannot tell you the difference in how I look and feel. I guess its best to simply show you.

I always hate those shitty before and after adverts you see in the muscle mags – but here you go, me before and after !!!!!"

Front shot, after 2 years roid free training.
Front shot one year later after steroids.

Another Inspiring Story... From Chubby - To Ripped "Hunk"!
"This is my incredible 6 month transformation..."

Below is a truly incredible transformation by Pepox (of one of the members of Steroid Encyclopaedia). Here's what he had to say in his post on the member's board:

"Hi Guys,

This is my awesome transformation from 240 lbs, 40" waist, and 13" arms. Right now, 190 lbs, 31" waist, and 16.5" arms. It was really tough removing all that fat...But I did it....

Here's my secret... And its not a secret really. I learned all of this at Steroid Encyclopaedia and I put it on practice... Most of you should know it, I just put it on practice."

Before Training .
After putting the info learned on SE to use
only 6 months later

Pepox even very generously shares exactly how he lost so much weight and gained so much muscle - further below in this letter, I will tell you how you can see this report, every last detail of exactly what he did in those life-changing 6 months!

Time For The Fraud Test...

Ok, before I tell you how you can get your hands on all the revealed black market anabolic steroid secrets within SE, and have your own encrypted account to fully protect your privacy against the Fed's new, nameless spy system or any other prying eyes...

I promised to tell you how you can test any anabolic steroid site to see if they are legit, or if they have hidden motives to snatch your cash in exchange for very BOGUS info, advice, even DEADLY fake gear!

This free info on exposing FRAUDS, that you're about to see, can save you hundreds of dollars, and months of time alone... not to mention your health!

FREE REPORT: 13 Point "Fraud Finder" Checklist
To Fully Expose The SCAMS Or Dangerous
Anabolic Steroid Info Sources Online...

Just so you know we're not making this up, look at what MuscleMag International, Mick Hart (the U.K.'s leading authority on anabolic steroid use), and, have to say about this site, Steroids Encyclopaedia:

"This Is A Superb Site On The Topic Of Anabolic Steroids And Their Use"

Rating: anabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids information(4 out of 4 possible).
- Lori Grannes, MuscleMag International. September Issue

"This is a superb site on the topic of anabolic steroids and their use, with drug profiles, sample cycles, supplier info, articles, forums, a search engine for steroids, and a list of links to great sites.

It's a site dedicated to educating those who want to use anabolics to gain a competitive edge and develop their bodies to the fullest.

Moral objections aside, imparting information is the best way to prevent mishaps and educate the masses for intelligent use rather than haphazard abuse.

This is a highly educational and responsible vehicle for education, not a cavalier fuck you to the legal system. That's refreshing!"

- Lori Grannes, MuscleMag International. September Issue

"If You Ever Find Yourself In Need, I Can't Think Of A Better Way To Get Connected..."

Mick Hart - Who is he? -- Hardcore bodybuilder, more than 25 years in the game, advisor to "Olympians and Champions", steroid writer, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher, bodybuilding and anabolic steroids consultant to the British media.

Here's what Mick said about Steroids Encylopaedia...

"It's a massive bodybuilding and steroid site, with loads of info on suppliers, cycles, stacks and has a great board (mainly US based).

The suppliers section is excellent. If you ever find yourself in need then I can't think of a better way to get connected, they even have their own supplier rating system 100% controlled by the members.

They asked me if I'd like to contribute some articles, and I happily accepted.

So that's the story of Steroid Encyclopaedia and why some of my articles appear there.

I like the guys there. They are a younger bunch than me, but share many of my opinions...

No fucking about... just good, reliable steroid info. And what I most like is that the site is NOT full of adverts for fucking crap steroid substitute supplements, like many other similar sites.

I know how many visitors the guys get at Steroid Encyclopaedia and know what they could earn by advertising that shit all over their site... but they don't, because, like me, they know that they would be "selling out" on their principals.

I like that... good on you lads, keep it up !!!"

Mick Hart

"...A Powerhouse Site With Tons And Tons
Of Steroid-Related Content.."

Firm partner Rick Collins, Esq., is nationally recognized as a legal authority on sports nutrition and performance-enhancing substances, and is the author of the popular book on the subject, Legal Muscle, while Los Angeles lawyer Alan Feldstein, Esq., Of Counsel to the firm, has extensive experience with dietary supplement law.

Ok, Here's How You Rip The Smiling Mask Off
Of Steroid Scammers To See Their Ugly Mugs...

(Your FREE REPORT 12 Point Fraud Checklist)

Question #1
Do they have a guarantee?

Take a look at ANY reputable ecommerce web site and they ALL offer guarantees. So here's a big question, why is Steroid Encyclopaedia the ONLY steroid membership site (at the time of writing this) to offer a full no questions asked, satisfaction guaranteed, 90 day money back guarantee?

Do other sites not have the confidence in the quality of the information they offer?

It would seem reasonable that a web site owner should "stand behind his product". I mean if it's a good site then offer a guarantee, right?

It gives confidence to see a website put their money where their mouth is. If you're not happy you get your cash back. It's only fair. So, why don't the other do it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Question #2
Do they care about your security and respect and protect your personal privacy?

Super Important! Read this...

The most important thing you need to know, and you need to know it ASAP is where is the website hosted? Why do you need to know this?

Here's a few comments from Jim - founder of

".... In my opinion, no sites located in the US offer 100% privacy. Read what one of the leaders in the US webhosting business say in the TOS (Terms of Service) and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy):

Important Side Note... (your privacy is at stake!)
(they host EliteFitness... among thousands of other sites)

If you care about your privacy, this TOS/AUP should be enough to scare the hell out of you!

Read their Disclosure Terms!... and note the part:

"NTT/VERIO may disclose information, including but not limited to, information concerning a subscriber, a transmission made using our network, or a web site, in order to comply with a court order, subpoena, summons, discovery request, warrant, statute, regulation, or governmental request."

My comments about Verio:

They will disclose all info they have about a user even without a court order! All they require is a request from a government agency!

Verio is one of the biggest webhosting companies in the US, and thousands of other minor webhosting companies rent their servers from Verio.

This means that even though one of the minor hosting companies might have a great privacy policy and intend to guarantee your privacy, they can't, because as long as Verio is the "Mother hoster" (who owns and operates the server) they can bypass the smaller hosting company's wishes... and give out your info.

If we look at this illustration, you'll see that even though a website hosted by one of the minor webhosts who guarantee your privacy, it's worth nothing since they're hosted on Verio's server.

The point is that they’re all covered by Verio’s privacy policy, so it doesn’t matter if someone below Verio has a different policy than them.

They offer no privacy protection at all, and they will monitor all traffic in and out from their servers without notifying their customers. The most interesting thing about Verio though, is that they host EliteFitness, one of the biggest bodybuilding/powerlifting boards on the net. EliteFitness recently sent out this newsletter:

"As you know, many powerful forces would like to shut down the website. Most of them are enemies of hardcore bodybuilding. But once in a while, some of the most vicious attacks come from within the bodybuilding community itself. Last week, Paul Gardiner, President of MuscleTech, and his lawyers came after the site, our members, and me with a vengeance.

On January 26, I received a letter from MuscleTech's lawyers at the powerful New York law firm, Kenyon and Kenyon. The letter alleges that by allowing you to post your comments about the MuscleTech brand of nutritional supplements on our discussion boards, is guilty of "false advertising ... unfair competition, product disparagement, trade libel, and interference with prospective economic advantage." They also accuse us of infringing their trademarks and copyrights.

More scary still, not only is MuscleTech demanding that we censor your free speech; they also want us to reveal to them the names of our members who have made discussion board posts on about their company.

In other words, MuscleTech and their high priced lawyers demand that we violate our own privacy policy and provide them with personal information about, our members - something we would absolutely NEVER do. They further threaten that if we do not provide them with your personal information, they will sue both the site and me personally."

Note the words "... that we violate our own privacy policy and provide them with personal information about our members...".

Seems like EliteFitness missed the point. It doesn't matter what privacy policy they have as long as their webhost don't have a privacy policy. Law enforemenct only need to send a written request to Verio (the webhost), and they will have access to all the personal info about EliteFitness members they want, without EliteFitness knowing about it.

The sad thing is that EliteFitness use this to their advantage to try to push even more of their own supplements. These are just a couple of specific examples, but the same is true for all discussion boards/websites located in the US.


... Well, except Steroids-Encyclopaedia... why?

Because we use encryption to protect the data on our server from prying eyes. And we also offer encrypted email accounts (see further below).

So even if someone should be able to steal the entire server from the highly protected datacenter, they’re not able to read any of the secure private messages or the e-mails sent to and from a Squatmail account."


Thanks Jim !!!

Are you sending and receiving emails to steroid suppliers? Are you using PM's on a discussion board hosted in the US to contact suppliers?

If you are contacting steroid suppliers and you're not using a system like our Squatmail (secure and encrypted email system that CANNOT be viewed by the FBI's new online spy system) then the authorities probably know!!!

The FBI used to use a "spy system" called Carnivore. Here's a diagram of how it worked...

The FBI won’t fess up to what new system they now use, but according to them, the new system is able to target just one user on a network and collect exactly the information a court-order allowed them to collect, for example just the e-mail communication. There’s some info about it here:

Note this part in the article:

[...] One controversy revolved around the FBI's legally-murky use of the device to obtain e-mail headers and other information without a wiretap warrant -- an issue Congress resolved by explicitly legalizing the practice in the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act.

Under section 216 of the act, the FBI can conduct a limited form of Internet surveillance without first visiting a judge and establishing probable cause that the target has committed a crime. In such cases the FBI is authorized to capture routing information like e-mail addresses or IP addresses, but not the contents of the communications.

[...] Other cases investigated under section 216 involved alleged mail fraud, controlled substance sales, [...]

Note the controlled substances part. That’s a huge point for people buying steroids through the internet, and should be enough to scare the shit out of paranoid users.

Also note that the reports they refer to in the article above only list cases where they performed surveillance without a court authorization. And there’s no report for 2004…

We’ve done several things to beat this system.

The most important is that members are able to connect to SE and Squatmail using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which will encrypt all data between our server and the members computer. It will not be possible for anyone to read the content of this data. Here’s some info about SSL:

The SSL (secure socket layer) protocol is the Web standard for encrypting communications between users and Web sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a Web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. Web server certificates are required to initialize an SSL session.

When members send a private message through the SE site to another member (or supplier), or an e-mail from one Squatmail account to another, the data never leaves the server. So as long as the user is connected through SSL, the data is 100% safe.

Important: There is no way the Feds or any other authority can get their hands on our data -- and that means YOU ARE SAFE when you visit SE.

You must check this out with other steroid membership sites.

Any site that has no interest in your security and no respect whatsoever for your personal privacy has NO RIGHT to be making money out of you.

At least that's my opinion.

Question #3
Do they have "third party" recommendations?

It's too easy for anyone to say...

"Hey, we are the best steroid site out there! Join us".

But that's total bullshit unless it can be backed up with third party proof, like the testimonials we have all up and down on this page...

Take a look at any other steroid membership site and see of they have such third party comments.

Question #4
Do they have free information... like a free ezine?

This takes a lot of time and effort to make, and shows that a site is genuinely interested in it's visitors and not just there to "grab your cash".

How many pages of free information they have is a sign that the owners care about the site... and about you.

A one page site with no effort, no ezine, and no free information is very easy to put together. It requires hardly any time and hardly any effort...

...And is probably indicative of the effort that's been put into the member's section of their site, and the importance they give to their members.

Take a look at our free ezine. There are now close to 200 pages in all, plus the other pages that you can find in the "Free" section in the left hand margin.

Many membership sites only offer a members board and a few links to suppliers. That would worry me, it's too easy to make a site like that. Don't you want a site that demonstrates that they offer more?

Question #5
How long have they been in business?

This is easy to check, you simply do a "whois" look up at a website like

If a site has been in business for longer than 2 years, it's not a bad sign.

Although I must say that just because a site hasn't been in business for more than a couple of years obviously doesn't mean it's not a good site.

But if you're going to join and pay for a one year membership you need to know that the site is going to be around for at least the one year... and the simple fact is if it's a news site that cannot demonstrate a track record then you are taking a chance.

Steroid Encyclopaedia has been in business since 1999, which is a lifetime on the 'Net, (where most start up's don't last even 1 year).

It is a profitable site with plenty of financial reserves and serious backers and owners that are here long term. Anyone who has been a member of the site for a while now will have seen the constant improvements that have been made which demonstrate the seriousness and long term goals of the site.

That means a long term vision, and it means you KNOW that Steroid Encyclopaedia will be here, and you are therefore not taking a risk when you spend your money.

Question #6
Do other sites link to them?

Why is this important? Simple, because it means that other website owners thought a certain site was good enough to link to.

Here's exactly how to do it. Go to then do a search for "" (without the quotation marks).

Then just above where the search results start you will see the following "AltaVista found 91 results"

This means that 91 sites are currently linking to SE -- just from Altavista's directory.

You can simply substitute the domain name for any other site and you'll get a total number of sites who link to them (in that search engine).

(NOTE:- not all search engines allow you to do this.)

If a site has been in business for more than 1 year then they should have 20 links to them. This means that 20 other website owners thought the site was good enough to link to. If they have zero links to them, then it could be a warning sign!!!

Any site with more than 50 links is considered to be credible.

Now obviously the longer a site has been in business the more links they should have, so a simple comparison of who has the most links doesn't mean that that's the best site.

This should be used as a simple indicator.

Question #7
Do they have a modern and clean website design, or is it cheap and ugly?

The "look" of the site is very often an indicator as to the quality of information inside a membership site.

If the site looks like it was made years ago, and has a general "outdated" look, then it's a pretty good signal that the content is outdated as well.

Besides content, a modern site is also a sign that the owners have invested money back into the site and means that they are not just there to take out without putting back in.

All successful business with long term goals know you have to re-invest in your business.

Question #8
Is their REAL objective to sell you supplements?

Now this is a major warning sign. An over-commercialized site full of adverts for supplements (and especially anabolic steroid substitutes that DO NOT WORK) usually has only one goal...

... To make money by selling you supplements -- and not by providing you with real info on the only stuff that REALLY does work -- steroids !!!

If you see a site full of hype ads for supplements then run a mile. Unless you want to buy potentially risky supplements that is :-)

Question #9
Who else do they recommend?

Take a look at the outgoing links they have. I have seen so-called "steroid sites" with links to casinos, dating sites, and the like.

Now ask yourself a question when you see these type of links... "Are these links here to help me gain more steroid information or to make money out of me any way possible?"

It's often a very good insight as to the attitude of the website owners when you see the outgoing links (or banners) they have plastered all over their site.

Personally I don't want to do business with someone whose ONLY goal is to make money out of me. I have no problems paying a fair price for a good service -- and I imagine that you are the same.

So check out the links.

Who do we recommend? The ONLY other site/person that we can stand behind 100% for total and complete "No Bull" steroid info, written to educate and entertain is Mick Hart.

We totally believe that his "No Bull Mag" and his "Layman's Guides to Steroids" are the very best products of their sort we have ever seen.

By the way, Mick is the only other steroid site owner, that we have come across, who offers a guarantee on what he sells. Say no more!!!

Question #10
Do they allow the actual members to report/give feedback on their suppliers?

If they do then they will probably have it written in the text on their website.

Steroid Encyclopaedia was the very first site to start this, and I have no doubt that others will copy.

Here's why it's important.

There is more than one membership site out there who have the suppliers section full of suppliers who are good friends of the site owners (who make handsome commissions each time a member buys from their friend the supplier).

Now as long as the member gets a fair price and good service there's no problem.

BUT the ONLY way to guarantee that suppliers who are NOT "playing ball" are exposed is by allowing members who place orders with them to give their unedited and honest feedback.

That way the rest of the members are alerted instantly to any supplier whose not doing it as he should.

Steroid Encyclopaedia invented this idea.

Question #11
Do they only push steroids or is there enough intelligent "anti-steroid information" as well?

Why is this important? Easy, because only when you are correctly informed can you make an educated decision as to whether or not you want to use steroids.

Too many people take steroids, and in dosages way too high, when they don't need to. And especially the very young, which is rotten burritos amigo.

Take a look here at this article entitled "SELLING GEAR TO KIDS?"

This demonstrates Steroid Encyclopaedia's mature and intelligent stance. You want to be dealing with a mature and intelligent web site don't you? :-)

Question #12
Do they charge, or is all the information FREE?

If all the information is free then believe me it's NOT a good sign. Let me explain why...

We know exactly the time, effort, resources and money it takes to run SE. And it's impossible to run a site like this for free.

A "hobby site" that has a lot for free information is fine, but in any field (not just steroid info), a site that is run efficiently -- like a business -- that charges a fair and reasonable fee for great information and service (and who offers a guarantee) will always be a better site.

It's obvious really, charging a fair fee means that the site can pay for writers, pay for a high speed dedicated server, pay for web designers, pay for content, etc etc etc.

Question #13
Send them an email... How long does it take to reply?

In fact, see if you even get a reply. Like you I buy things over the 'Net, and if I'm not sure about a site I will send them an email first and see how long it takes them to reply.

Two days has to be a maximum on the 'net.

If you don't get a reply in 2 days then the site probably doesn't have the resources to manage their business, so you may be taking a risk with that site.

Now please don't misunderstand here.

You can't send a steroid membership site an email and ask them to give you supplier info and make you a cycle and seriously expect them to give you that info in their reply.

A simple email that says, "Thanks for your email...blah blah, blah...." is enough.

It means there's someone there. That's a very good sign !!!

So there you have it - 13 points so that you can thoroughly investigate a site before you spend your hard earned cash. Use your intuition, but this fraud check should help you have a more objective understanding.

BTW - The ONLY site that comes out positive against all 13 of these points is Steroid Encyclopaedia.

"What Exactly Will I Have Access To In
A Steroid Encyclopaedia Membership?"

There is so much steroid related info inside that my words would not do it justice... consider just our members forum where we discuss all aspects of steroid use where hundreds of individual questions get answered each week:

Over 22,110 active members, with hundreds of these members asking specific questions on our member's board each week.

Over 51,191 discussion threads/questions, with over 451,651 individual posts (and answers to the thousands of questions asked).

Convenient search feature to help you find any subject theme you might be looking for quickly.

Privately ask the SE Mod Team anything you're not comfortable /allowed to ask in the open forums.

Individual Forum Themes Include (with thousands of threads in each section!):

General Discussion

* Introductions
* General Discussion
* Newbies Forum
* Woman's Forum
* Over 35 Forum
* Powerlifting Forum
* Competitors Forum
* Speed, Sports, and Performance
* Motivation & Encouragement
* Legal Corner Forum

Underground Labs

* Forum Rules!
* Team BlackLabel Advice
* BlackLabel Product Profiles
* Ask British Dragon
* British Dragon Product Information
* Ask International Pharmaceuticals
* International Pharmaceuticals
Product Information

Performance Enhancement Drugs

* Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids
* Other Performance Drugs
* Cycles

Traning, Nutrition and Supplements

* Training Information
* Nutrition & Supplements

Suppliers Section

* Supplier Announcements
* Suppliers Discussion

Diet Corner

* Diet Discussion
* Diet Articles
* Recipes

Here's A Tiny Sample Of Some Of The Real Discussions Going On Inside Steroid Encyclopaedia You Can See:

What is the best gear to take?

Need help getting started please.

Testing for steroids

Acne on new cycle

Kidney Pain

Had gyno for a while cycle or not?

Massive boil!!!

Keeping gear in safe?

Inject Pain Question

Seizure letter

"Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss"

Strange clump during injection?

Letter from Customs, what to do?


Sterilizing gear

A little help with syringe filters...PLEASE!

Steroids are bad for you because Docs say so

Getting Cut / Devastated Sex Drive

Depression from Clomid?

Grey Hair

Anyone used Muscle Milk?

Will taking a week off hurt?

Warning Liquid Resources!!!!!!

Policy on nude pics, porn, erotica and similar stuff...

Is it to late???

Hardon Problems with Deca?

Insomnia killer cure

Free testosterone levels

What's this older Bodybuilder crap?

Prescription Testosterone

Anyone over 35 wanna share

Is my Doc nuts?

Idea for the Over 35 crowd

First Cycle

Can't get below 19% body fat

Now consider, there are about 1000 times more discussion threads than what I listed above as a tiny random example - imagine this above grey box, with 36 different new threads in it each time, pasted 1000 times down this page.

And each of these almost 51,191 individual threads has an AVERAGE 7 - 8 responses EACH THREAD!!

Are you beginning to see the HUGE proportions of information available now, and the dedication and support to answering questions?

There's More...

Suppliers Section - Proven to be safe suppliers with comments by the SE staff and unbiased ratings by the SE members.

Drug Profiles Section - Constantly updated - not old info! Everything you could ever want to know about each individual drug, with ratings, pics, and detailed descriptions (over 400 drug profiles included)

Articles Section - Topics on Training, and Nutrition from established experts in each respective field.

Now, despite all of my written words, I'm sure many of you want to see for yourself "what's under the hood"... so... to avoid any surprises, or to be surprised...

Take A Look At The Actual SE Membership Site Now...
Screen Shots And Audio In A Free "Test Drive"

Click Here For A Fun Flash Video
"Test Drive" Of The Members Section!

This is no two-bit, slap it up, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am operation! This is the real deal, the DEFINITIVE STEROID INFO SOURCE!

Again, I could toot my gazoo until I'm red in the face and out of breath, but without proof, it's just noisy hot air, so take a look at what current SE members have written to us to say...

Important Note: Bogus Testimonials Suck!

Every single testimonial we share is real, we would never falsify a testimonial, it is not only dishonest and low, it is illegal and could get us shut down if we did such a stupid thing. This site has been around since 1999, with a clean track record, and several staff members depend on it to keep their families fed. Why give the FTC a chance to thump us when we have literally hundreds of real people raving?...

"I Feel I am In Good Hands With The SE Team"

SE has been a great learning experience over the past few months. I feel I am in good hands with the SE team when or if I ever do decide to use steroids.

"The Wealth Of Knowledge
On This Site Is Priceless"

I think Steroid Encyclopaedia is the most informative site in any aspect of physique enhancment I have ever seen. Steroid Encyclopaedia has gone above and beyond professionalism than any other site of its kind.

Their customer service is second to none.

The wealth of knowledge on this site is priceless, and well worth being a member of!

Txballer_22,, TEXAS

"SE Has Been A Great Help In All Aspects"

SE to me has been a great help in all aspects. The people on this site are friendly and usually respond to all questions, even if they are already posted.

Me being an athlete in training, I was a little skeptical to subscribe to this site, but I'm sure glad I spent that filet mignon meal for the information I gained from here.

Wouldn't changed it for the world. Hope I can learn a lot, and in the future be able to answer a “NEWBIE‘S” question like the rest of the community did for me.


"Steroid Encyclopaedia Is By Far The Best Source
Of Knowledge And Information On The Net"

When I first signed up for Steroid Encyclopedia I was a bit skeptical about whether things would be as advertised.

WOW was I ever wrong.

Steroid Encyclopedia is by far the best source of knowledge and information on the net. I have never had a question that I couldn't find an answer to or some one couldn't help me with. If you are serious about building a better body there is no better place to call home than Steroid Encyclopedia.

Tazmanian Devil,

"I Joined For The Entire Year And Have
Been A Huge Supporter Ever Since"

A little over a year ago I decide to look into the use of aas for several reasons, I did not know where to begin, I typed steroids into my search engine at work and was amazed how much stuff came up.

Mostly online pharms and supplier info. I had clicked on the SE link and read everything I could without having to join, I figured what the hell I'll join for a month and see what happens!

After reading for about 6 hours straight I joined for the entire year and have been a huge supporter ever since! Out of all the boards on the net that I have joined and done research, SE is by far one of the best.


"A Must For Anyone Considering Using Steroids"

S.E is a great site w/ tons of info. It's to me a must for anyone who is considering using steroids.Yes, there's other boards but none like this one!


"I Am Starting A New Life At The
Age Of 40 Thanks To SE!"

Steroid Encyclopaedia has had a tremedous impact upon my life! I was experimenting with steroids, basically using my body like a lab rat and following the incorrect advice I was getting from guys in the gym.

The result was that I developed a chronic shoulder injury so serious that I couldn't lift a piece of paper, nevermind a dumbbell. I became sedentary and depressed, gained a ton of weight and felt hopeless.

I knew that steroids could help me; but, I didn't know why they hadn't worked as well for me as they did for other people. In my search for information, I stumbled upon SE and hit the jackpot!

I was shocked to find such a treasure-trove of knowledge about the correct use of steroids, written by people who had actually achieved the results I wanted. I was equally shocked to find the complete lack of "attitude" there!

People really made me feel welcome.

They encouraged me to study the threads on the site and learn while at the same time answering my questions willingly.

In the encouraging, positive environment I found on SE I was able to find out how to use steroids safely and effectively.

I also found access to suppliers who not only had more reasonable prices than the guys selling steroids at the gym, they also had customer service! I discovered SE in 2003. The changes I was able to make in my physical appearance in 2004 were nothing short of amazing, and my confidence has gone through the roof!

My life has completely changed. I'm not sure whether it is the improvement in my self-perception or the improvement in the way others perceive me, but I have many more friends now and I am in the relationship I have always dreamed about.

I am starting a new life at the age of 40 thanks to SE! I truly believe that anybody who is willing to learn, ask questions and work hard in the gym can achieve the same results if they join Steroid Encyclopaedia.

Thanks for running such a wonderful site and for the chance to tell my story. I would love it if others could see my results and learn how to make the same changes in their lives!

email removed

"They Seem To Be Really Looking
Out For All Out Us"

I am really stoked that I found SE. Great people quick responses, they seem to really be looking out for all of us


"This Site, Its Members, And The Moderators
Have Helped Me Beyond Explanation"

I have been involved in the bodybuilding and powerlifting world as well as and the strength arena for quite a number of years. This is the most informative and helpful site a person could ask for.

This site, its members and the moderators have helped me beyond explanation. It is so nice to be able to share information and ask questions that have never been able to be answered. Thank you for you dedication and professionalism


"Steroid Encyclopaedia Has Fulfilled Every
Need For Information That I Had"

There is NO better place to learn about a certain subject than an encyclopaedia. So why not trust the knowledge provided by SE?

Steroid Encyclopaedia has fulfilled EVERY need for information that I had. For every doubt, there is an endless amount of information to prove or disprove that doubt. There is no better way to find the answers to your questions than looking to the SE team and members. Knowledge is key and SE unlocked it!!


"Being A Newbie, Nobody Made
Me Feel Like An Idiot"

I haven't been a member long, but everytime I asked for advise I have gotten good down to earth stuff. The information on here has been useful and reliable. Being a newbie nobody made me feel like a idiot.

The info on my first cycle I'm sure saved me some heartaches by telling me how to do it safely. So thanks to S.E and the members that gave me good advice.

I have highly recommend S.E. to my friends.


"I Am Now Bigger And Stronger Thanks To S.E."

Joining the S.E. changed my life. I have learned so much about diet, lifting and proper rest. I am now bigger and stronger thanks to S.E.

Darryl Temple,

"The Words 'In Safe Hands' Comes To Mind"

This site is great from the Newb thru Intermediate to Seasoned Trainers, and not forgetting Masters. Real world practical first hand experience, from friendly, helpful and competent board members.

The words "in safe hands" comes to mind that is as safe as can be in using anabolics, debunking much of the nonsense written by the media this site still amazes me by the quality of information I have access to on a daily basis.


"There Is So Much Info"

This is a great site. There is so much info. I never get bored because there is always something new to learn... very informative.


"The Members All Seem To Look Out For One
Another And Genuinely Care For Each Other"

This is by far the most informational site I have tried, as well as having the highest integrity for it's members. The members all seem to look out for one another and genuinely care for each other. Top notch design and functionality are a plus as it is evident the administration is looking out for the best interest of its members


"I Was Blessed To Stumble Onto It And Will
Be A Member For The Rest Of My Life"

This site is the best, tons of info, great people, and a good atmosphere for learning. I was blessed to stumble onto it and will be a member for the rest of my life.


"Without The Knowledge Available Here
I Could See The Multitude Of Mistakes
That Someone Could Make"

Without the knowledge available here I could see the multitude of mistakes that someone could make while using AAS. AAS is not the problem, ignorance is....Thank You SE for the education it's well worth the membership.

B.J. Williams,

"It Truly Feels Like A Second Family"

S.E. is the greatest site I have ever been a member of. The knowledge I gained from S.E. is priceless. The members are helpful and full of an encouraging attitude. It truly feels like a second family. I will be a member for the rest of my life. -Grunt0331


"I Have To Say That The Information That I Have Gotten From This Site Has Been Invaluable"

I have to say that the information that I have gotten from this web site has been invaluable. I am 46 years old and had previously never used steroids in the past.

I knew that I wanted to feel better about my physical apperence. At my age all of the workouts were not giving me the results I wanted.

This site offered me the information I needed to make informed decisions on my use of steroids. To date I have added 12 pounds of muscle and I feel great. Saying thank you to the folks who present this web site doesn't seem to be enough but, thank you for helping me change my life.


"Allows Me To Get Advice Even
Some Doctors Can Not Give"

Although I have no aspirations to compete professionally, the Steroid-Encyclopaedia site has been a vital part of achieving the body I want and allows me to get advice even some doctors can not give me.

Marc Sopher,
aka debra lee

"You Can Find Everything You Need
To Know Right Here At SE"

I have been looking for good sound steroid information for a long time. All that I have been able to find on the internet is a lot of conflicting and confusing information.

That is until I found Steroid Encyclopedia. I was reluctant to join due to the cost. But I just could not find the information that I needed so I finally joined.

All I can say is WOW.

In the few months that I have been a member I have gained the knowledge that I needed to intelligently and safely use steroids. There is no guessing about how, what or how much to use.

You can find everything you need to know right here at SE. There is also a forum where you can ask question of other more experienced bodybuilders. In the forum I have found information on where I can purchase supplements and other accessories at the best price around.

I have saved the money that I spent on joining just by purchasing my protein thru a website suggested by a member. And if that's not enough there is a supplier section. I recently ordered my first cycle and received it in just a couple of weeks. It was so easy and very reliable.

If you are serious about using steroids EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT HERE AT SETEROID ENCYCLOPEDIA!!!!!!

Roger Glotfelty,

When You Know You've Got The Goods, You Can
Make Awesome Promises... And Walk The Walk!

There is no steroid information source available, anywhere on this mysterious planet of ours, as vast and reliable as Steroids Encyclopaedia! In fact, we're so darn cocky and confident that you will be TOTALLY SATISFIED with your membership at SE, that we put up or shut up...

90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Take 90 days to read through all the material, if you are not satisfied with the helpful anabolic steroid knowledge shared in Steroid Encyclopaedia™, just contact us during that time, and we will promptly return your money, no questions asked.

Here's Three Important Reasons Why
SE's 100% Guarantee Is So Ironclad, With
ZERO Chance Of You Risking A Penny ...


This sale is processed by Payvision®, you could get a refund from them even if you couldn't get one from us. Which of course we would never allow... it would hurt our reputation, possibly endanger our Payvision® account, and mar our relationship. We can't let that happen -- this is how many of us feed our families!

Though we are sure you won't want to use the refund, we know you feel better if it is here.


We recognize that you are putting your own time and effort into finding safe and true steroid information. Your time is just as important as anyone else's - if you don't think the info we have to share with you is worth your time, or helps you to SAVE time and make safer decisions - we haven't fulfilled our promise to you.


I realize that by investing in Steroids Encyclopaedia, you are trusting us to help you have safe steroid info. And we promise that we won't let you down.

How's that?

As far as we know NO OTHER steroid information site does this. We don't just want your business, we want your friendship and the opportunity to build a long time relationship in which you can benefit from the very best anabolic steroid information, at a very fair and reasonable price.

You have NO RISK. We take all the risk for you. If at any point during the first 3months of your membership you want a refund, simply send us an email and we will return your cash NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We realize that we are the one's taking the risk here, as we open ourselves up to abuse, however we designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical – not the 1% who'll take advantage of us.

"OK - You Guys Have Great Info - You Walk The Walk,
But... Can't I Find This Info For Free Online...
I Mean, Why Should I Pay For It?"

I'll tell you exactly why...

First of all, there is no doubt that there is a lot of free information on the Internet, BUT (and this is a BIG, fat-ass "but")... the quality is always very questionable... any 14 year old punk could publish what he wants. We're not sharing info on how to plant daiseys here!

If you are going to put your body on the line to depend on such info - it damn well better be the best info, right?

You CANNOT get all that Steroid Encyclopaedia offers for free anywhere. Period. We know what it takes to run this site, (we are a small team who do nothing else) and no-one could do what we do for free.

This is a major operation here.

Another important reason why it's worth your small investment here is because you can explore SE's site and ask questions without compromising your privacy...

With SE You Can Safely Dodge
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Important Note From Steroid Encyclopaedia...
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"I cannot thank you guys enough, I lost my money once ordering gear online from a site does not even exist now. I decided to forget about even trying steroids, until I read on a board that your site was different.

I hesitated for 6 whole months before deciding to join. With SE's help I personalized a sample cycle from your members section for my needs and ordered from one of your suggested suppliers.

The gear has just arrived, I have not started yet, but it all looks genuine, just like the photos on your site. If I had joined earlier I would have saved myself over $300...."


"SE Is The Most Informative, Educated, And Professional Website On The Net With Regards To Anabolic Steroids, Nutrition, And Weight Training"

"...I've found that Steroid Encyclopaedia is the most informative, educated and professional website on the net with regards to anabolic steroids, nutrition, and weight training. This site really has it all. Steriod Encyclopaedia is simply the best site on steriods .

With so much info in one place I have no need to waste time and money looking anywhere else. And as for the supplier info, it's hard to believe that something so hard to get hold of like steroids is now so easy.

Joining your site was the best decision I have made online. Keep up the good work !!"

BigA, Texas, USA.

"I Thought It Was Just A Scam In The
Beginning, Man Was I Wrong"

SE is amazing. I thought it was just a scam in the beginning, man was I wrong. This place is filled with endless amounts of knowledge, and the suppliers are great...


"Taught Me More About Training, Nutrition,
And Steroids Than I Thought Existed"

Steroid Encyclopaedia has a great staff, and member base. There are a great number of people there whom have taught me a great deal more about training, nutrition, and steroids than I thought existed. The rules are a little tight, but it helps keep people safe.


"Once Again Guys - Absolutely F****** Unbelievable.
Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!!"

"This site is incredible. I joined to get the steroid supplier info and must admit I never really thought there would be any. A few weeks later I had the gear I ordered and was using it - unbelievable .

I even did all my emails with the suppliers safely using your free encrypted email system, again unbelievable. I have asked 14 questions about my diet, cycle and training to your people, and had each one answered.

And I gained 20 lbs of muscle with hardly any fat in 4 months with my first and only cycle to date. Once again guys - absolutely f****** unbelievable. Thanks, thanks thanks !!!! "


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P.P.P.S - Still not sure yet? Hmmm... Either you don't trust us, or you don't need this info. For the trust part, the only thing I can say is look at yet more unsolicited testimonials that our actual members have sent to us (I have inserted another 23 for you to see below).

Add these 23 to the 29 testimonials that I already listed on this LONG web page above, and that makes 52... and we have many more!

This doesn't include the 3 "heavyweight" testimonials from:

MuslceMag International -

"This Is A Superb Site On The Topic Of
Anabolic Steroids And Their Use"

Rating: anabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids informationanabolic steroids information(4 out of 4 possible).
- Lori Grannes, MuscleMag International. September Issue


Mick Hart (UK's leading steroid expert) -

"No Fucking About... Just Good, Reliable Steroid Info"

********** -

"...A Powerhouse Site With Tons And Tons
Of Steroid-Related Content.."


Plus 23 more testimonials from normal folks....

"I Feel My Business And Clients Would Suffer
If Your Site Was Not Available To Me"

"My name is Harley and I am a gym owner in Texas. As an owner of a fitness facility I feel it is my duty to be able to answer questions about steroids to my customers if they feel inclined to ask.

I use the Steroid Encyclopedia to update my information on a regular basis so I keep well informed. I share this information free of charge to my customers to keep them from making huge mistakes with cycling and mixing the wrong drugs. If I ever have any questions I send them in and they are answered promptly and in my opinion very professionally. I feel my business and clients would suffer if your site was not available to me, so thanks Steroid Encyclopedia."

"This Is By Far The Most Comprehensive
Steroids Site On The Web Today"

"This is by far the most comprehensive steroid site on the web today. Not only do you get drug profiles, articles and reliable supplier information, but you get one-on-one coaching which helps avoid all kinds of mistakes, some serious, and helps safeguard your health."

"Steroid Encyclopaedia Is The ONLY Site To Join"

"This site has everything the steroid veteran or the steriod virgin could need in terms of information. It has everything: steroid profiles, sample cycles, sample workout routines, links to other fantastic sites, even a message board.

Steroid-Encyclopeadia is the ONLY site to join, it is a wealth of information yet the moderators/owners are concerned enough to respond to emails. Knowledge is power & steroid-encyclopaedia gives you the knowledge. Need I say more?"

"I Never Felt That I Had To Worry About
Their Steroid/Dealer Information"

"I've found Steroid Encyclopaedia to be the most informative and hassle free site on the web when it comes to purchasing anabolic steroids through a dealer. I never felt that i had to worry about their steroid/dealer information. They've got their own quality control going on and are able to sift through the scam artists out there to get to the honest sellers."

"The Perfect Site For Anyone Who Is Interested In Learning More About The Usage Of Anabolic Steroids"

"The Steroid-Encyclopaedia is truly the perfect site for anyone who is interested in learning more about the usage of anabolic steroids."

"It Doesn't Get Any Better"

"I've been training with weight about 7 years, a year ago i decided to use steroids. i had absolutely no idea where to get these drugs. the best connection i had was "a friend of a friend knows this guy who plays ball for such and such university- he can get it!"

I'm sure a lot of you heard that story. i was sure it was possible to get drugs on the web. again, no idea. i did a lot of homework, found steroid encyclopaedia, joined, and was sure it was a scam. in desperation, i ordered from one of their suppliers and kissed my money goodbye. i can't express how happy i was to get the real thing, in the mail, beautifully wrapped. here is where you get it, here is where you learn how to use it, here is where you talk to other people growing with the same edge. it doesn't get any better."

"The Advice Of The Members, Experts, And Moderators Has Been Priceless And Life Saving"

"I am a female contemplating using steroids and found very conflicting information among the general gym population about cycles, what to take, why take them, etc. I thought that accessing your site would allow me to learn about specific steroids, such as Winstrol and Primobolan. Its side effects, gains from them, dosages, delivery forms.

I not only needed to learn about these steroids but also find where to get them from reliable sources that would supply authentic substances.

The advice of the members, experts, and moderators has been priceless and life saving. I joined this site with so much conflicting information and the members have helped me to design a program that will give me the results that I am looking for.

SE is like a big family and the members write to you expressing real interest in your issues and concern.. Would not do without my membership. Where else can I go and access years worth of such intricate knowledge....I don't have enough money or time...PRICELESS

"SE Has Saved Me From Making The Wrong Steroid And/Or Cycle Choice On More Than One Occasion"

"It's wonderful to have a discreet, informative and unbiased resource to come to on Steroid use. Too many of us are paranoid to "ask around" on burning questions, or get grossly misinformed with "locker room" chatter (assuming you're lucky enough to belong to a gym where other steroid users feel free to talk about it): I live in a small city and don't have that luxury. So the Steroid Encyclopedia website has saved me from making the wrong steroid and/or cycle choice on more than one occasion."

"Just 7 Weeks Gained Over 10lbs Of
Solid, Ripped Muscle"

"48 years old, 5 ft 5 in, 185 solid lbs. Special thanks to Miles - thanks bro!!!! I followed his advice and due to my age did a cycle of Deca/Winny - just 7 weeks gained over 10 lbs of solid, ripped muscle. I'm currently doing my post cycle to maintain as much of this gain as I can. No problems experienced and I'm exited about trying another more mass cycle this coming summer,maybe Sustanon/injectable winny. All the advice I received kept me from making a lot of newby mistakes. Thanks guys!"

"As An Older (40 +) Bodybuilder,
This Site Has Been A God-Send!"

"As an "older" (40+) bodybuilder, this site has been a God-send! The supplier information is extremely reliable and up-to-date, and the cycle suggestions extremely useful. My questions were answered promptly. It's great to know we don't have to go it alone anymore!"
Bill F.

"Steroid Encyclopaedia Has
Been Very Helpful For Me"

"Steroid Encyclopedia has been very helpfull for me. Because the knowledge I have got I am helping a lot of people at my gym to choose the right drug and use the cycle that I think is the best for that person."

"I Would Recommend It To Anyone Who Is
Considering The Use Of Anabolic Steroids"

"The Steroid Encyclopaedia is a good source for information regarding the last and most popular steroids used today. I was able to research and get questions answered regarding my concerns and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering the use of anabolic steroids."

"A Very Informative Site"

"I find Steroid Encyclopedia a very informative site, easy to use, excellent supplier information, very good cycling info, and easy to use chat site"

"The Discussion Board Helped Greatly
With Any Question I Had"

"I subscribed to steroid encyclopaedia to get a reliable list of suppliers and to see example cycles of many steroids. When i recieved my first order, the discussion board helped greatly with any question i had. This site is very helpful and informative."

"Great Site"

"Great site full of interesting and informative people and material!"

"Plenty Of Good Information For The Beginner
All The Way To The Experienced Bodybuilder"

"Steriod encyclopeadia has plenty of good information for the beginner all the way to an experienced bodybuilder. From diet, exercise programs, proper use of steroids and any other information relating to the world of bodybuilding."

"I Feel Joining As A Member Is Very Worthwhile"

"Being a competitive bodybuilder who is always striving for perfection,I found you site to be extremely educational and inspirational. When dealing with details of training, diet and supplements, one must learn the most current, most accessible infomation out there. I believe you guys have done just that, so indeed I feel joining as a member is very worthwhile."
Can't give name !!!

"These Results Can Be Summed Up In
Two Words: Strength And Leaness"

"I am a 40 year old male bodybuilder who wanted to achieve greater gains without doing "extreme body" cycles of steroids. I was sure that there were intelligent ways of doing things, so I joined your site in order to be informed.

My guess was right and shortly after beginning your published cycle of HGH and Insuline, I began feeling and seeing results. These results can be summed up in two words: strength and leanness. It is pretty incredible.

I followed your theoretical protocol to the "T" including the carb and nutrition part. I have not had any blood sugar problems or insuline side effects. Although the "G" is expensive, the insuline certainly offsets the price somewhat. Thanks for the "balanced" viewpoint."
Paul McNeal

"As An Oldtimer I Find This Site Very Good In
Supplying Me The Knowledge I'm Searching For"

"As an oldtimer I find this site very good in suplying me the knowledge I'm searching for. Also the members board is a very nice platform where you can ventilate your experiences and knowledge. Either you can help somebody or your problems could be solved through the help of the fellow members in this discuss platform, Thanks and do go on to teach us knights of the brotherhood of iron. Let's pump it"

"SE Is The Site That Is Most Educative"

"I personally think that Steroid Encyclopaedia is the site that is most educative. It have a various of information like different Cycles and Suppliers. You can also read about different articles that are Steroid relative."

"I Would Recommend SE To Anyone"

"I would recommend Steroid Encyclopedia to anyone with even a passing interest in Steroids, whether positive or negative."

"The Information Found On SE Is Second To None"

"I have been a member in other steriod sites but none compare to steroid encylopaedia. The members and moderators are always nice and quick to respond to all questions. The information found on steroid encyclopaedia is second to none."



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